(from left to right: Matthijs, Daan, Kylian, Sebas, Aran, Martijn, Brian, Sanne, Zeger-Jan, Ivan, Jerremia)

Zeger-Jan ‘Jay-Z’ van de Weg
Zeger-Jan is a husband, father of an awesome son, and about to get his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. In his spare time he spends time with his family, plays board games (he hates not winning) and watches TV shows.  Technologies he loved to work with include: Ruby, Elixir and their web frameworks.

Aran ‘The Vaporboy’ Koning
Aran Koning is a Dutch game designer and software engineer. He likes making and breaking things, including but not limited to music, games, visual art and hardware. His other time is spent drinking coffee, riding bikes and travelling. Aran thinks ferrets are way cooler than cats. You can find him on Twitter here.

Sanne ‘Nyan-Cat’ Maasakkers
Sanne is an entrepreneur, an I&AM tech and a Computer Science student. She likes to dive into security, Identity & Access Management, Laravel and app programming, but also travelling, trying new restaurants and collecting bags. She likes big ferrets and she cannot lie.

Daan ‘Meme-Master’Jacobs
Daan Jacobs is a Dutch computer science student. In his spare time, he likes playing games, reading books, and solving mathematical/computer programming problems. He also likes to just mindlessly browse the internet, looking for cool, interesting and funny pictures (of ferrets). Daan has a black belt in Judo, and almost a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. (Daan is also currently learning git-fu.)

Ivan Veul
Ivan Veul is a Dutch computer science student. In his spare time he likes to play competitive multiplayer games with his friends (League of Legends, Starcraft II or Dota 2). Otherwise he spents his time listening to all kinds of music, watching streams or browsing reddit for dank memes.

Brian ‘Biarn’ van Nunen
Brian is a third year Game technology honors student with in the pas a year of game design and development at the HKU. Quit often he spends the weekends in prison…. and likes to tell this without a context. He is the cofounder of and a game designer, web programmer, manager and coordinates the inventory and purchases at Real Life Gaming’s event Prison Escape. In his spare time he practices Historical European Martial Arts. He likes festivals, music, dancing and fun is a core vital need.

Kylian ‘Stripeless’ Kuijer
He has no style, he has no grace, but this guy has a funny face. He can fix stuff, when he needs to and stretch his code out, just for you. Inflate his repo, just like a balloon. This crazy guy just digs this tune.
Otherwise, Kylian is a Dutch Game Technology student keeping himself occupied with yelling at his team members (MMOs, MOBAs) and rivals (Mario Party, Dokapon, Smash), provoking show-offs, hugging the walls, playing weeaboo rhythm games, watching anime, swimming in cold water, kendo at home, and being philosophical.. in his own twisted way.

Jerremia ‘Jerry’ Egels
Jerremia Is a Dutch game artist student. He likes to debate and think a lot about politics, philosophy, religion and history. In his free time he likes to play video games, such as League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive or one of the Dark souls games. He’s also a firearms enthousiast, maybe one day he will move to the USA to embrace the 2nd amendment?

Sebastiaan ‘Pauze’ de Ridder
Sebastiaan is a Dutch 3d Artist student and a father to a sweet son of 3. He likes philosophy, debating and having intersting conversations about ridiculous things. In his spare time he plays videogames, reads science fiction and fantasy and watches shows like Star Trek and The Flash. A geek who likes to talk about everything and nothing at the drop of a dime, he is sometimes confusing, but always enthousiastic.

Martijn ‘Blingbling Bet’ Klop
Martijn is a Dutch programmer student who likes playing sports, visiting music festivals and clubbing. If there is any time left he likes to play video games such as Hearthstone and watching tv series. He also has a interest in other fields such as economics and the human body.

Matthijs ‘Strike’ van der Jagt
Matthijs is a Dutch computer science student. In his spare time, he likes to play computer games (including collecting all Pokémon or frantically clicking circles), watch tv or browse the internet for no good reason. He drinks coffee about twelve times a day, and occasionally tries to play the piano, followed by a ragequit after five minutes. Also a huge fan of Papyrus. Nyeh heh heh.