The last 2 weeks the artists worked on a poster and trailer of the application. While the rest of the team worked hard on patching up all bugs and writing the report. You can find the poster and the trailer below.

The project as a whole has been an educative experience. We have learned to work in a big team and to work together with a client. At the start of the project it became apparent that before we could programming we first needed to learn the required domain of veterinary medicine. So everyone in the team now knows a lot more about veterinary medicine which can always come in handy when your pet gets sick. The atmosphere in the group has always been good, in some instances it might have been too good. But luckily the big scope of the product constantly reminded us there was still a lot to be done. And after a lot of of cooperation, consultation and hard work the application has finally been finished, the customer is happy and we should enjoy our well earned vacation.

First steps into a new direction (soft-surface modelling)