The idea behind 'Shuttle to Mars' is to place the player in the control room of a spaceship. With a given destination, the player must try to reach this goal with as much cargo as possible. Cargo can be lost in a number of ways. For example, the ship can be damaged, causing cargo to fall out. The player has to pay constant attention to the current situation, as a lot of bad things can happen (even at once). Enemies can suddenly appear, mechanical parts of the ship can be damaged, black holes can cause the ship to become unsteerable and a whole lot more.

The idea is to use the simulation in a serious context to test pilots and gather data. How fast do they react in certain situations? How do they react when reacting fast is key? We will send all this diagnostic data, coupled with the players profile, to the servers of our client (the NLR), where this data can be used in research.