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3.3 The concept of projects

Base version

The base/ directory contains the 'base' version of the model. The 'base' contains a model version with zooming from global 6x4 to Europe 1x1, 25 tropospheric levels selected from the ecmwf 60 levels, 5 artificial tracers initially filled with constant values 1 to 5, and dummy sources, sinks, and chemistry. It is a usefull model version for testing.


A project is a modification of files in the base source. Might be any file of the base, but especially the following projects are usefull:

A list of projects to be used should be specified in the rcfile, for example:

source.projs : grid/glb3x2 chem/cbm4 you/test/newcbm4
In this example, a TM5 source is formed from:
  1. the base source ...
  2. ...with the grid definitions overwritten by the files in 'proj/grid/glb3x2';
  3. ...with the chemistry files in 'proj/chem/cbm4';
  4. ...and some of the chemistry files replaced by test version in 'proj/you/test/newcbm4'.
The test files in 'proj/you/test/newcbm4' will not disturb the 'official' versions of the code. In fact, if not submitted to the cvs server, other people won't even know that you are testing something. Thus, if you want to change something in the code and test it first, create a new project directory.

Extended file names

Project specific source files have in principle the same name as those in the base directory. However, it is usefull to give them an extended name to distinguish them from the base or other projects. The extension should be placed between a double underscore '__' and the dot, for example:

Extensions are removed if the file is copied to the run directory.


For an overview of all available projects in your distribution, use:

\$ ./run-tm5 --project

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