Regulations for SIKS-dissertations

All dissertations, written by SIKS-Ph.D.-students (who have conducted their research under the auspices of a senior research fellow of SIKS) should be published in the SIKS-dissertation Series that started in 1998.

If you are about to finish your thesis, please note the following:
  1. To obtain a number in the series, first contact the SIKS-office and provide us with the following details:
    • name
    • title of the book
    • university, where the promotion will take place
    • date
    • promotores (including affilitation)
    • copromotores (including affiliation)
    Check this example
  2. Include the list with SIKS-dissertations published as off 2016 in the back of your thesis. Also available in Latex.
  3. Download the SIKS-logo (in encapsulated PostScript) in kleur and in zwart-wit
  4. Print the SIKS-logo in the beginning of your thesis (preferably on the page with CIP-data) and include the following text:

    SIKS Dissertation Series No. XXX
    The research reported in this thesis has been carried out under the auspices of SIKS, the Dutch Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems.

  5. Please, send 1 copy of your thesis to the SIKS-office. We will refund you EURO 200 for 1 copy. In addition, the PhD-students should provide us with a permanent link to the entire manuscript as it will be / has been published at the repository of their university.

For remaining questions, please contact the manager of SIKS.