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7.7 Photolysis

Most modern photolysis code is in cy3/chem/st version. Jason W. is going to add a reference to his ACP paper here.

7.7.1 Albedo

In current TM codes, an adhoc uv-vis albedo is computed from land cover fields (in the dry deposition module ...):

              compute ags on glb1x1 from land cover, on root_k only
              coarsen ags to vd_temp, copy into phot_dat(region)%albedo
          broadcast phot_dat(region)%albedo to all other processors
In future, this should be replaced by ECMWF field:
        name   :  UV visible albedo for direct radiation
        abbrev :  ALUVP  ;     unit   :  0-1
        code   :  15     ;     table  :  128
However, this field seems not to be archived in MARS.

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