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8.3 Temporal interpolation

8.3.1 Rcfile settings

How meteo is interpolated in time is defined by keys in the rcfile. The time interpolation by default applied to all fields is specified by:

        meteo.tinterp.*          :  const6
For specific fields, this default could be overwritten:
        meteo.tinterp.sp         :  interp6_3
        meteo.tinterp.mflux_uv   :  const6
        meteo.tinterp.mflux_w    :  const6
        meteo.tinterp.temper     :  const6
        meteo.tinterp.humid      :  const6
        meteo.tinterp.humid      :  const6      :  const6
        meteo.tinterp.convec     :  const6  :  const3  :  aver3   :  aver24_3
        meteo.tinterp.albedo     :  aver24_3         :  aver24_3
See table 8.1 for an overview of possible specific keys.

8.3.2 Time interpolation types

\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_legend.eps ,scale=0.5}
\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_const6.eps ,scale=0.6}
\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_interp6.eps ,scale=0.6}
\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_interp3.eps ,scale=0.6}
\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_aver24.eps ,scale=0.6}
\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_aver24_3.eps ,scale=0.6}
\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_aver6.eps ,scale=0.6}
\psfig{file=fig/tinterp_aver3.eps ,scale=0.6}

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