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2005-07-14 : Zero downdraft entrainment/detrainments

What was the problem ?

The daily od glb3x2 processing at ECMWF produced zero downdraft entrainments/detrainments during the period:

2004-05-09 to 2005-07-12
As a result, no tracer mass is transported downwards by the downdraft .

Who should be worried ?

Everybody who has used 'od-fc-ml60-glb3x2-sub' files for the period May 2004 to July 2005 during the same period.

Affected files have been storred in the following archives:

          ecmwf  :   ec:/nlh/TM/meteo/od/fc/
          sara   :   /shared/kelder/TM/meteo/od/fc/
          knmi   :   mos:/fa/ks/TM/meteo/od/fc/
The affected monthly tar files are smaller than the proper ones:
          177367040  2004/01/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200401_21p06.tar
          167362560  2004/02/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200402_21p06.tar
          178503680  2004/03/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200403_21p06.tar       :
          180592640  2004/04/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200404_21p06.tar   <-- ok

          150845440  2004/05/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200405_21p06.tar   <-- zeros!
          133058560  2004/06/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200406_21p06.tar         :
          137461760  2004/07/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200407_21p06.tar
          136611840  2004/08/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200408_21p06.tar
          129546240  2004/09/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200409_21p06.tar
          128829440  2004/10/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200410_21p06.tar
          120709120  2004/11/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200411_21p06.tar
          127232000  2004/12/ml60/glb3x2/sub_200412_21p06.tar

How solved

The affected files are reprocessed in July 2005 .

A check on zero downdraft entrainments/detrainments has been added to the meteo routine of TM5. Please update your base version to 2005-07-15 or later.


This was a pure processing error, not a programming error. Might be caused by linking a mixture of older and newer object files.

To avoid this kind of failures, the source of the daily processing will be recompiled every day from now on.

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