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8.8 Example: NCEP re-analysis data

The CDC group at NOAA maintains an archive of the NCEP re-analysis, and threfore 'cdc' will be used to denote the product.

8.8.1 Archive

The cdc archive conists of yearly netcdf files. Desription is included in the files. Additional comments are in 'tmm_mf_ncep_cdc.F90' .

8.8.2 Rcfile settings

        ! ncep ra has 6 hour resolution:
        tinterp.*          :  const6
        tinterp.sp         :  interp6  :  const6  :  aver6

        tmm.sourcekey.glb6x4.*  : ncep-cdc
        tmm.sourcekey.glb1x1.*  : ncep-cdc

        tmm.setup.006.apply    :  T
        tmm.setup.006.files    :  pres.nlog vort div vair shum hgt land sfcr pres icec skt uwnd.10m vwnd.10m lhtfl shtfl ugwd vgwd prate cprat
        tmm.setup.006.sources  :  ncep-cdc:   :  ${CO2}/ncep.reanalysis

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