Ice and Climate


Published data


The ice and Climate group publishes on average about 30 peer-reviewed papers per year, of which some are in top-ranking journals such as Nature and Science. In addition, our phd-students produce on average about 2 dissertation per year. Other publications listed here are books, scientific reports and field reports. When available doi's and links to the publications are provided. Most of them can also be found in the Utrecht University Repository. Covering the years 1998 - 2006 a document with Publications and abstracts is available (pdf)


In an era of open access publications, the data used in publications are often to be made publicly available. Some of the published weather station and model data is available from this website, the Zenodo repository, and/or the Pangaea repository. Use of the data is unrestricted but acknowledgement of the data origin is appreciated.


Link to the Utrecht University Repository with links to most ice and climate dissertations.