Part-task practice

Solving proportional reasoning problems supposes specific well-trained mathematical skills such as good mastery of the multiplication tables. In the part-task practice version the player receives exercises to practice these skills. The player receives these exercises in the first three levels of each subgame before the subgame starts. A presentation of exercises involves two rounds with each 10 exercises. After each round the player has the opportunity to correct the exercises that were wrong.

ptp 1

First round of part-task practice for multiplication exercises

ptp 2

The player has the opportunity to correct the wrong answers (in red)

Play the Part-task practice version

Vandercruysse, S., ter Vrugte, J., de Jong, T., Wouters, P., van Oostendorp, H., Verschaffel, L., Van Dooren, W., & Elen, J. (in prep). The effectiveness of a math game: the impact of integrating part task practice as support.