SIKS-agenda 2001

Hereby the activities of 2001. For (Dutch) information about the previous activities follow this link: activities .

2 February Seminar: the future of Logic, Utrecht
22 February Tutorial/Lecture on Machine Learning by Tom Mitchell, Maastricht
5-6 March Advanced Course: full-text information retrieval methods, Nijmegen
9 April Tutorial/Lecture: "Web caching and content transformation", Amsterdam
8 May Tutorial/Lecture: "True Interactive Visualization for the Web", Amsterdam
28 May - 1 June Basic courses: "Combinatory methods & Intelligent systems", Leusden
29 June Workshop on eContent-Knowledge Management, Eindhoven
12 July Design research seminar, Amsterdam
27 September Masterclass: "Modeling and simulating work practice", Amsterdam
1-2 October Advanced Course: "Computational Intelligence", Utrecht
5 October SIKS-dag 2001 in Het Trippenhuis, Amsterdam
5-6 October Workshop on Reinforcement Learning, Utrecht
24 October Masterclass "Intelligent Systems", Amsterdam
25-26 October Conference: BNAIC 2001, Amsterdam
9 November Social Event for SIKS-Ph.D.students, Utrecht
12-13 November Advanced Course "Multi-Agent Systems", Apeldoorn
23 November Symposium: Contracts and Coordination, Tilburg
30 November Conference: CLIN2001, Twente
12 December Seminar on Argumentation/Groupware, Utrecht
17-21 December Basic courses System modelling & Knowledge modelling, Lunteren